• Ebony McCabe

Why Your Company Should Be On TikTok

There has been unprecedented hype around video content app TikTok since late 2019. The social app currently has 800 million users and counting. While it’s predominantly seen as an app for Gen Z, there are many reasons why companies should start marketing and engaging with potential customers on the platform. 

At present there are very few companies actively using TikTok to promote content. This presents an opportunity for smart companies to take advantage of its newcomer social media status and get ahead of the competition before it becomes as popular as Facebook or Instagram. Here’s the top reasons you should invest time on TikTok. 

The algorithm is simple

Unlike Facebook and Instagram, because of TikTok’s new status it's quite easy to create content you know will end up in your target audiences For You Page (FYP). TikTik groups users together based on the content they interact with. If you scroll through the video content you'll quickly see people testing theories on how the platform ranks content and easily figure out how to make your content viewable by the masses. 

You don't need to pay to grow quickly

The biggest benefit to TikTok is the ability to go viral very quickly. There are plenty of users who have made one video and become ‘TikTok Famous’ overnight. This is simply just not possible any more on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter anymore due to their content algorithms. It’s not certain how long this will be the case as the platform becomes increasingly popular, so it’s recommend getting ahead of the trend before it’s too late. 

Unlock new audiences

It's no secret that the early embracers of TikTok were Gen Z. While there has been a growth in Millenial, Gen X and some tech-savvy Baby Boomers on the platform, there are predominantly more Gen Z users on the app. Using TikTok is an easy way to reach this target audience for minimal financial investment. 

Learn to keep messaging simple

There is currently a 60 second time limit on all TikTok videos and the majority of popular videos on the platform are between 15 to 30 seconds. This forces a lot of marketers to be concise and think specifically when promoting their brand. This is unlike most other social platforms where it's not uncommon for companies to post long 2 - 10 minute videos that gradually lose the viewer's interest.  

Be ahead of the competition

There are very few companies on TikTok at the moment and even fewer who are using it well. If you can master your company's TikTok marketing early on, it's an easy and free channel to use to get ahead of your competitors before they figure out the benefits. Now is the best time to work on boosting your followers and likes.

It's really addictive

While it’s easy to mock the platform before trying it, as somebody who has spent too many hours scrolling on it, I can attest to the fact it’s highly addictive. If you are a marketer (especially a digital one!) you need to get ahead of this platform before it becomes too common and hard to master.