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creative process

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1. Discuss

We'll talk about and cover your needs, desired outcomes and find the best way to make it happen.

Team Meeting

2. Research

We do all the hard work here. Researching your industry and competition we'll find a way to meet your company goals within your budget. 

Researching and Writing

3. Concept

Having an understanding of your business, we'll then come back with a range of concepts in a proposal for you to choose between. 

The Wall of Ideas

4. Create

Once the proposal is approved, we'll then begin to build or design the final campaign, design or project and get it into a format ready to share with you.

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5. Refine

We'll go over the final project and ensure it's exactly what you're after. We'll put the final touches on everything, getting it ready to go!

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6. Finalise

We're done! You'll have a final project, campaign or design ready to go. 

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